Losing a Person in Dream

Dreaming of losing a person means someone close to you have departed without you saying proper goodbyes and now there will never be a chance. Instead of focusing on the negativity, refocus on the many happy memories you have shared with them and realize how they cherished the times together at the park, festivals, beaches, and vacations.

Put closure to the lost by remembering the good because sadness keeps a wound open longer than necessary.

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One thought on “Losing a Person in Dream”

  1. my bf recently went 2 jail and could be facing yrs we have a strong love that was gettin a bit shacky bofore he went in and hes not a big communicator so i havent spoken to him in a month but around his bday (oct 7) i had 2 dreams about him. the 1 i had a simple dream of him walkin in the door of our home we share (which the locks have been changed since) acting as if him comming home shouldnt be a surprise. and the second dream i had was me sittin my close friends home( his cousin and gf) and i saw a letter on the table from him to his couin. the letter was in red ink and was sayin how he didnt want to be with me in so many word. when i looked at my friend who was sitting across from me she had a hurt look on her face shook her head then dropped her head. after that i remember waking up hurt as if the dream was real and actually happend and the thought weighed so heavy on me that i didnt return back to sleep because i was so hurt if any1 could plz help tell me what this could be or mean that would be a great help thank you very much for reading this, toni