Love in Dreams

Dreaming of love means you are in a mutual relationship with a partner who gives back in terms of intimacy and emotional support. There may be times of tumultuous arguments between the two parties, but you always find a way to work things out and maintain a peaceful balance.

The love in your dreams is the person who you will cherish through the test of time. Spend your days creating many fun loving memories

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One thought on “Love in Dreams”

  1. Wow, Last night I had the best dream I have ever had ever. I have had a similar dream but this one is just amazing. I am 15 and have dated a couple girls. I have never ever experienced love or knew what it really was. As I was falling asleep I was thinking is life really all about sex. Is that it. Whats love? I fell asleep comely to a thunderstorm. Had the most amazing dream. It was me and a beautiful girl (not killing it beautiful but normal) and she looked like she was 17-19 and I was just sitting on this grass hill holding her. So emotionally relaxed. Hugging her, as we were both pointed in the same direction but she was on my lap feet stretched out. And I was just telling her I love you. And she smiled at me and told me I love you too. It was so deep and vived (my emotions) that I didn’t pay attention on what was across the hill I was just thinking about her and feeling the light breeze and just hugging her. Wow just writing about makes me jittery. It was the best and most comforting feeling I have ever felt ever. I woke up so sad that it wasn’t real and kept day dreaming about her all day. And its not like I loved her for anything like her body parts or skin it was soo different it was like I loved her for her. And just receiving the same love back. Just amazing. My heart is pounding right now from remembering the dream. :,)