Loved One with Someone Else in Dreams

Dreaming of a loved one in someone’s arms mean you may be losing them and they have taken up the comfort with a new person. They are probably having an affair or cheating behind your back. It is your responsibility to get the bottom of the cause, as it is not necessarily anyone’s fault but your own.

Move on as nothing you do will salvage the relationship.

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5 thoughts on “Loved One with Someone Else in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream of a girl I love And am trying to get back together with in a relationship with on of my best friends… What does this mean?

  2. I had a dream about this one guy I really like and in my dream we were together. But in real life, he has a girlfriend. It would be awesome if you helped me!

  3. I dreamed that my husband is gay. and with my brother. what would it say?
    please answer me I’m very much with it.

  4. I had a dream that this guy i liked for 4 years was with another girl and it just hurts inside so much to see him with someone else. I remember waking up crying afterward. So what does this really mean??

  5. i had a dream that my loved one was getting forced by his parents to marry someone else. but he came to see me and said he loves me but he didnt mind if he married someone else .what does that mean?