Christ in Dreams

Dreaming of Christ means your faith has taken you to a level of communication only made available only to the true believers. The maker will share their secrets through additional coded messages and symbols throughout your dream. Christ will reward those with eternal life that continue to carry out his will.

Try to recall and record every word that comes to your Christ dream. It will ultimately lead the human race to salvation.

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4 thoughts on “Christ in Dreams”

  1. I’m an apostate from islam. I never convert into any other religious after i had renounce from islam. I have always believed in Christ but I never experience anything that made me feel close to Him. But last night ( on Sunday ), I dream of christ came to me. His face was so clear although there was a bright light surrounding Him. I feel comfortable and full of peace when I saw His face.
    I saw that Christ was showing me something. Like a page from a book. There were writing on it but I couldn’t read what the writings were.
    I would really like to know what it meant.

  2. I have had two of these dream which I recall specifics of. I’ll share one. It was on Christmas Eve a few years ago. Prior to that night by a week or so at least, I had offered a gift to Him in prayer (my Christmas gift to Him), which was myself, my heart and time. That night Christmas Eve night while sleeping, I felt a presence approach. No visual, just the feeling of presence. It took me a moment to recognize the presence as Christ. I instinctually recognized it. As I recognized the presence, I said you can not take what you already have. At that moment, I felt a hand rake through my being. I understood it as looking for part of me not given Him. The hand flowed freely through me. That is all I recall.

    1. well… elesha you might as well just pay attention to the numbers of the days and in your dream first. christmas eve is the tWenty-fourth of december, and december is the 12th month of a year. (numbers infact do count) 24 means the symbol of preisthood and 12 meaning a divine government or a apostolic government. a hand resembles power and strength and even possession. so god had seen that you had given him the most that you could give after it flowed through you. and if you hadnt already noticed… giving god yourself, your heart, and time is a huuuuuuuge responsibility so satan will try to get you off track.
      (try to avoid this you could go to church more often as i feel this)