Holy Ghost in Dreams

Dreaming of the Holy Ghost means your belief and devotion has been instrumental in gaining the unconditional love of a higher power. Your Christian brothers and sisters will receive similar messages when the time is right in leading the faithful to the kingdom of heaven.

Very few are chosen to see the divine being as the all knowing does not associate with hypocrites, and sinners who drag his name across the mud.

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4 thoughts on “Holy Ghost in Dreams”

  1. I was sleep and in my dream a calm rushed over ,and an amazing blessing happened. I’M WOKE UP BEFORE I SEEN IT though. I had my hands raised shouting “Thank You Jesus”.When I opened my eyes I was doing this while sleep to and didn’t know it, but however many blessings are coming my way I am very thankful and claiming them.

  2. I dreamed I caught the holy ghost in my sleep after praising God with a woman I had never met mind you I have never caught the holy ghost in waking life but in this dream it was real even after waking up I felt drained what does this mean?

  3. I dreamed of the Holy Ghost and the people I was with would not say Ghost only Holy or Spirit and I kept saying it’s the Holy Ghost