Bitten by Snake in Dreams

When bitten by a snake in a dream, it signifies worries and stress of the waking world troubling you. The snake can represent any person or situation causing you high undue stress levels. Seek out the trouble and take care of it before it consumes you or keep biting you in dreams.

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13 thoughts on “Bitten by Snake in Dreams”

  1. My 5 year son old dreamt of been bitten by a snake, upon waking-up he started walking as if he was really bitten by snake for 2 weeks or thereabout, and when I touched his legs, he would scream. He stopped walking that way when the dad told him very firmly that he should stop that, then he started walking normal.

  2. Heres my dream..
    I am walking down a long a dirt road with my 6 year old son. And looking down the road I keep seeing snakes peaking in and out of the brush down the road ahead of us…
    We suddenly a snake strikes out of the brush to my right and bites me on the right ankle..
    I calmly reached down and grabed the snake.. pulled it off my ankle. And ripped its head off and threw it in the bushes.. saying to my son that We dont have time for this.. lets keep moving….

    About this time in the dream my son comes running into Our room crying… and saying that he had a bad dream..” Snakes were attacking us”
    I calmly pulled him into bed with us and assured him we are was just a dream….
    Now for the wild part..
    The next day got up business as usual..
    Took my son to school..
    And keep thinking my right ankle sure is sore.. whats up with that..?.
    I work from home.. got back to the house.. sat down at my desk. And pulled my pants leg to inspect my pain.. and there are two marks.. on my right ankle two dark small round scabs.. about 2 inches apart….looks like marking from snake fangs..
    It was at this point I remembered that was the same ankle that was biten by the snake in my dream..and snakes in my sons dream as well.
    So 4 days later now..ankle still sore and scabs just about healed..
    Not sure what to make of all this..
    Just putting it out there….
    Sounds like the stuff movies r made

  3. I keep having the same dream every other day… I’ll always be bitten by a poisonous snake and my family will procratinate on taking me to the hospital like its nothing serious

  4. In my dream, it’s kind of spotty so I can’t remember the whole thing, but the most I can remember about it that It was more than 1 snake and it was like a garden or something but one was on my arm and I remember it having a fat or big head and I kept trying to grab the head before it could bite me, it eventually did and that’s when I immediately woke up reaching up like I’m trying to actually grab something and pull it away from me.

  5. Same very small snake biting me on the tip of my left index finger (I’m right handed). Neither myself nor my husband in the dream can get the snake off of my finger. I wake up feeling hurt (pain in finger). This has not been a recurring dream.

  6. My dream was a bout me going throught battle. In one of the battles a woman that I knew came to me and starting screaming at me about something that I had suppose to have done. I was telling her that I didn’t do it and she then pulled out a list where my name was to be listed as the person that did whatever she was accusing me of. When you pulled out the list and went to my suppose to be name it was someone else. In the next battle I sent several people that I knew and we were in the mist of the battle in the enemy camp. The enemey let loose these birds where if we moved they would be able to identify us. It went on for a few moments and then I moved and the enemey captured me. I then went into this area where there were about 100 to 200 snakes black snakes and a few white one. I seen myself walking over then. They were not trying to attack or bite me like snake would normally do. However, I seen this yellow but clear snake that I could see throught which seems that it was in charge. This clear snake shot this venom or liquid substance over one side of my body that paralized me. Then i was taken to this door where this snake was to be to speak to it and I woke up.

  7. In my dream I was swimming near the peer I was with friends the water was warm and suddenly there was a black long snake it bit the top of my left hand and would not let go , the pain I did not see blood it would not let go I woke up at 330 in the morning and I could still feel the pain on the top of my hand what does this mean.

  8. the dream was about me and my mom and there was a snake trying to get her, and i keep it at bay, then it bit me on my leg by my ankle. I some how was able to pick it up and it bit me again on the hand.
    That day i saw a friend had a video up and i watched it, the video involved my ex bf and i know it up set me alot seeing the video. mabe that was why i had this strange snake dream. Hope this helps anyone.

  9. I dream that me and my frens are bbq in the jungle and we are enjoying and suddenly we all was on the floor then suddenly they all ran without me.. next moment I woke up the snake has already bitten my right side of my buttock..

    I still need to come down and see doctor myself..

    what does this mean?

  10. I dreamt last night that I was swimming in a river with a lot of other people and I was pushed along side of the river, where many creatures tend to live. Anywho there was a huge white snake that had a blue stomach and everyone said to quickly move away from it for it was very poisonous. So I moved away from it but it followed me. I even got out of the water and the snake came out and bit my thigh. Everyone knew I was doomed soon so they rushed me for help but help was taking forever and I felt like I was slowly dying. I felt the pain in my leg the entire time and I felt it spread. Crazy ass dream, very vivid. Freaked me out.

  11. i was running in the woods with a friend and along the way we were encountering snake. i vaguely remember what the purpose was but i had caught qiut a few of them. one escapes out the bag before i captured a smaller one. the dream was gray and some sort of bird was lurking behind us eying the bag. as i was picking up the smaller snake a very big one bite me on the arm, close to my elbow and i could see and feel him injecting something in me, up close and personal. i was startle and woke up immediately.

  12. All I remember is that a snake, looked like a Cobra, bit my arm by my elbow. I woke up and my arm was burning and had the feeling that I was bitten by a snake. My arm hurt the rest of the night!

    1. I have had several ‘bitten by snakes’ hurts and can be very confusing..actually, u do have an enemy..mostly its a human. the hurting part is saying that u will be hurt so u have to prep your self.. u are the only one that have knowledge of the situations u r in and u will be the only one to deal with it but don’t be defeated.. fight back.