Tortoise in Dreams

If the tortoise represents you in the dream, it is an indication of you living a sheltered life and not taking chances with aggressive moves in terms of your career and relationships. There may be positives associated with the high persistence levels and pace of the tortoise working towards its goals.

However, if you have any intentions of getting ahead in life, then get out of your shell and take some risks.

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5 thoughts on “Tortoise in Dreams”

  1. I saw me, my cousin and my aunt are coming from somewhere in night on feet then suddenly we saw a tortoise and we get afraid..Then it suddenly starts run towards us… crosses my aunts feet and was just running behind me and i was running… just then i wake up…

  2. My dream is strange.. need help with interpretation. Dreamt I was at a zoo and wandered into an open enclosure then turned aroubd to find a leopard walking up to me, I pet it as I tried to pass it but it attacked me, I fought back and managed to climb the fence, the leopard was trying to attack me but then coukdnt reach me, then a ranger shot her with a sleep dart. I only had a few scratches on my neck. I then left the enclosure to find a bunch of tortoises and I picked some of the babies up and just held them, they were acting normal. I then found a little tortoise egg in a nest between the tortoises and that was when I woke up.

  3. Very frequently I see water or fish in my dream. I somehow get connected to water first and then fish. What can be a interpretation of that. Like my recent dream, i caught a big 10mtr fish from a small well which was close to my old house.

  4. In my dream it started semi-normal my mother and I were house shopping at night we were in a car, but suddenly were ealking. My mother was walking behind me and I was in front, it was a walking path and we followed it. We took a right turn and it was a dead end so we turned around to go back, I realised that I forgot something I see my Figi water bottle sitting on top of a bench, when I go back to get it I see a spider so I run away and forgot about it. My mother dissappered and I am walking the path alone. Some how I end up on the floor with with a crap load of slime all over me and when I look up I see a huge (assuming) dead tortoise. I was not scared of the tortoise I was scared of the slime, I was able to crawl out of the the slime. But I end up in the slime again but this time I was standing up, and I see another huge dead tortoise. I say they were dead because they weren’t moving, it looked like they were tied or mixed up in tree vines or something. Anywho I suddenly pop into a bathroom, as I try to get this slime off the water turns into this red black like color and starts to overflow, somehow the water starts to go down as it should and I wake up. O.o I’m so confused now because after all that I woke up with a headache.

  5. In the dream I visited pond(1meter radius) and start praying, pond was dry no water,I saw dead tortoise,one giant and the rest were normal size.There was blue plastic material like an Ice,I cracked it and inside was another small dead tortoise.There was Sea snail shells scaretered everywhere in the pond.