Impotence in Dreams

Impotence is a very common sexual deficiency that affects many men, of all ages. But when in respect to a dream, it can symbolize just more than a bad time. Impotence in a dream can be a sign of being insecure. You’re too worried about how you preform sexually when you’re conscious, that your mind is being pulled into this negative state where you’re afraid of having any sexual encounters. Your mind is projecting your inner thoughts and feelings and reflecting upon how you feel internally. Or, you can be afraid of letting your partner down, and nervous that you can’t be what they expect you to be. Just be confident with yourself, and try to make the best of your time, no one’s prefect.

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One thought on “Impotence in Dreams”

  1. Lately I have been having very sexual dreams. But in every dream I haber had I have either not been able to feel the guy (penis) inside me, or I haven’t had an orgasm. I just want to understand what these dreams mean, and how I can make them quit.