Sex in Dreams

Dreaming of sex means procreating and sharing intimate moments with a person you love. Sex helps to create stronger bonds and relations between those involved.

It can also be an indication that sex is needed to help cool off a heated argument and reaffirm new commitments as partners. Pay attention to the sex partners that appear in the dream, because they are the answers if you wake up from the dream full of questions.

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6 thoughts on “Sex in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream last night that I was having sex with my wife, and every once in a while one of us would mention divine intervention (and I don’t remember the context it was said in), and then right before I woke up, I heard a voice yell “How’s this for divine intervention?” And I woke up, masturbating, staring at my alarm clock which I had forgotten to set the night before, at the exact moment that the alarm would have gone off had I remembered to set it.

  2. Im 17 gonna be 18. Still a virgin ..
    I always dream bout losing my virginity to this one dude.
    Everytime I have this dream its the same guy.
    We shared alot of history together and I have very very strong feelings for him.
    Hes alot older then me and thats why. We cant do anything bout it.

  3. Hey. I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 4 years and I’m only 18. About 3 months ago I had a dream about kissing one of his best friends who I only met this year and the kiss was amazing and I was considering leaving my boyfriend for him in the dream. I didn’t find his friend attractive at all until this dream and I thought my feelings for him would just go away. I keep having dreams about him and they’re progressing, I’m now having sex with him in my dreams. I feel like I’m in puppy love, I get excited when he texts me and find myself flirting with him a lot. I and even find myself thinking about him during sex lately. I love my boyfriend and am happy. Me and this other guy don’t even have anything in common but this strong desire to cheat on my boyfriend with him makes me feel guilty and like I’m cheating. What should I do?

  4. There was a dream that I had sex with my ex-boyfriend. I was not the only one having sex in the dream, in fact a lot of others that I knew were doing it with others as well, but I was the center of attention in that dream. So we were doing it for a long time, and then my ex screamed “I LOVE MY GIRL! SHE DOES IT HARD!!!” and we did it more. Then I left, and I saw another guy (that is my boyfriend now) doing it with one of my worst enemys he said to her “I hate Dilnia, I love you youre so hott and you do it good” . For some reason I didn’t seem to care he was doing it with her (and not hearing what he had said), I took him and started doing it with him, really hard. My ex watched, and he was like “oh, oh thanks a lot. i thought you loved me-” and my BF, the one I was doing it said “no, I hate you! I love Dina, she’s so sexy. I don’t want you!” and he started doing it with Dina again. My ex found somebody else to do it with. And everybody was doing it with someone, while I was just sitting down and crying. That was the end of the dream. About one week later, there was another dream that I was doing it with my current BF, and this time there was nothing or nobody to ruin it. What do these dreams mean?? Is it a good or bad sign? I am worried it is not good, please let me know!

  5. I work as a receptionist at a hotel , we got a new maintence man and hes like way older then me and i had a dream that we had sex in a hotel room where i work what could this mean i have no attraction to this man and we only talk occasionally