Sex with Best Friend in Dreams

Dreaming about having sex with your best friend even if you have never been intimate with them before indicates that you want to be closer to them, with the possibility of even becoming boyfriend or girlfriends. It may be a confusing situation, where the dream is telling you to get closer to them (it does not mean you need to act it out sexually).

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5 thoughts on “Sex with Best Friend in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed my best friend (let’s call her Annie), with whom my girlfriend (let’s call her Fay) and I are in a semi-polyamorous relationship, was dating someone else.

    For a little background info, Fay and I have sex. Fay and Annie have sex. Annie and I are just friends who go on dates, no sex involved.

    In the dream, I learn that Annie was dating another guy. A swimming instructor. I go to the natatorium he teaches at because she’s there and I want to bring her lunch. Across the pool, I see them hugging. Without thinking, I run up to them, gently push Annie away, and completely go berzerk. I tackle the swimming instructor, and punch him across the jaw about 8 times. While catching my breath, Annie takes my hand and leads me to her car. She drives me home in silence. I’m angry, sobbing, and sore-knuckled. The dream ends.

    Please help.

  2. Just last night I had a dream about having sex with a friend that I have had interest in before. This was actually the first time I’ve ever dreamed about this friend. We haven’t talked as much lately due to us living in different states. The day before this dream, she had posted a status on Facebook about being upset with something. I told her “you can only worry about you and your son, don’t worry about the things you can’t change. In the end, there’s always Texas though.” To which she replied “that’s actually not a bad idea.” I said I could help her find a job here but we didn’t discuss too much after that. I’m just curious about what it would mean. In the dream, I do not remember there being any protection being used either. Not sure if that changes anything.

  3. Okay the girls name is Violet. So last night I had a dream about Violet and I having sex obviously. Anyway so I was laying on a bed and Violet came up to me wearing only a black bra and panties. She asked if she could have a hug so I got up and gave her a hug but I picked her up in the middle of the hug. She wrapped her legs around me and said lay me down. so I laid her down and she took off her bra and panties and said do what you want with me all while her legs were still wrapped around me. so I had sex with her

  4. First off so it doesn’t get confusing, I’m just going to call my friend Tanner. Okay, so me and Tanner were taken hostage. We were handcuffed; his hands are handcuffed together behind my back and my hands were handcuffed together behind/around his neck. We were in a jeep that had no roof. They had tanner on the bottom and placed me so I’m sitting on his lap. They drove super fast and all over the road and the one in the passenger kept hitting my bum. I kept telling him to stop but he wouldn’t. In a sudden turn of events Tanner switch places with me, so I was sitting on the seat and he was sitting on my lap. He said “I will always protect you whenever I can” and then he kissed me. That kiss was amazing. He went to my neck and pulled me closer than what we already are. Somehow my dream skips from the bright, open jeep to a dark room on a bed with black, silky sheets. I could still see tanner clearly, we both weren’t wearing any clothes.

  5. I had a sex dream about my best guy friend. I don’t remember any graphic details. In my dream I just woke up next to him and we were both completely naked and tangled in crisp, white sheets and we smiled at each other and talked and caressed each other a little bit. All I saw was him and the bed. I didn’t recgnize the bed and there were no other details about the room we were in. But I remember being happy. I’ve never had any romantic feelings for him and still don’t. I’m just wondering what it means to have sex with a good friend and if there’s any meaning in the pure white sheets or the unrecognizable bed?