Sperm in Dreams

Dreaming of sperm means a sexual climax and release. In life you may have hit a natural high and plateaued. You need to find new challenges that offers excitement to reengage your life’s purpose, and start doing the things you love to do again.

Sperm also represents spreading your seeds to see something grow from nothing. Build a business with a guaranteed income model, and you will not have break your back earning piecemeal.

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18 thoughts on “Sperm in Dreams”

  1. I dream that I was fucking a guy I liked and he made me cum and o was collecting his semen from the laboratory so I could impregnate myself.

  2. I dreamt that i was in the shower washing up and swimming sperm was coming out of me by the hundreds. Swimming all over the tub

    What does this mean?

  3. I had a dream that black sperm and white sperm were chasing me in a hospital.. Somebody wanted me pregnant.. I was like what the..

  4. In my dream I was going into a room immediately I entered a man who was masturbating before I came ejaculated on my dress. I we angry me asked him to clean it off. In the process I became horny and seduced him with my breast while I removed my dress for him to clean up.
    What does this mean?

  5. I had a dream i was naked and out of no where i was having sex, as i was having sex he slowd me down and he said do you have a morning after pill. I said no why, So i ran and threw up. Out of no where again i was in the doctors office to find out i was pregnant …. and after that i saw a parade of flowers and people dressed in flowers. Could someone Please tell me what does that means

  6. I had a dream my boyfriend raped a baby and there was white sperm everywhere, I was running towards them but it seemed like i couldn’t get there no matter what. After he was done he started running and 3 people were chasing him. i was running after him but it was like he couldn’t see me at all, we were in a field with hay and sheds and stuff like that, once I got to him I forgave him and I was like put into 2 other dreams…

  7. Last night I had several strange dreams. One of them was a dream of me in my room at my parents’ house at night. Three men were present and two of them were a father and son and we were going to have sex. But the reason we were going to have sex was so that I could collect their sperm in a glass and drink it with them as a potion. One guy left but the father and son stayed. Both were naked and erect, rubbing themselves, and had unnaturally long penises. I left the room to get a glass of water for us to share before we began. The son drank first and then gave the glass back to me and I took a sip. But when I did that I realized the glass already had some sperm in it and that the guy who left must have put his sperm in there secretly. I ended up not having sex with any of the men. I believe I woke up at that point.

  8. I dreamt that I was looking at my boyfriend’s semen and I saw a small black beanshaped structure in it,on touching it I discovered that it was a sperm.Then I saw myself walking hand in hand with him telling him about the dream,I was excited but he seemed not to be impressed. What does the dream mean?

  9. I had a dream that I was holding my boyfriends penis and the sperm coming out of it was white with black dots like tadpoles…..

    1. I had a weird dream , was with my fiance and we started playing..all of a sudden he released sperms from his pens like Plas he’d them on me..there were a lot was left covered Wight sperms in my chest. He was also covered with sperms too. Please help don’t know what it means. Help help pls.

  10. I dreamt of a friend who at times we have conversed of sex. She was in a house I was in and I was asking her to sleep with me but she was denying it. Though not very strongly. I later saw as if I am carrying my penis and squeezing out sperms around my private parts to attract her. Then we were in bed where she was npt responsive to my moves but you could tell she is enjoying them. I was kissing her from the head to the vagina as she was lying on her back. When I was about to kiss more around the vagina I woke up. But also excited and erect. what could be the meaning of this dream?

  11. Only part I remember about dream is that there was sperm swimming everywhere and they were being shot from a gun that looked like a penis.

  12. ***very weird***

    Dreamt that I was in an older house with friends (some I recognized others I did not).

    We were staying over night, with other guests that seem to have been there for a long time. Dream begins with casualness talk about sex with each other selected by random. 1st person picks two ppl and in turn the 2nd person than picks another 2 ppl..this goes on in any combination. Girl/guy,girl/girl , guy/guy.

    I was picked 2nd and had to go with a guy.(I’m not gay btw) was unhappy abut choice in dream,but protests went unheard. I went to another room and 2 guys were masturbating, while I walked past guy/girl oral sex. I did not participate but when the 2 guys ejaculated,so did the others at the sometime,all over everyone including me.

    This led to the 2nd part of dream..
    The sperm caused ppl (including me) to produce living things popping out of our skin. Little boils growing and being formed in the image of a power hungry guy. (no idea who) my legs swelled huge and about 10 boils erupted with 10 minature fully developed men popped out and crawled away.!!?? He also did medical testing with bacteria in rats.. I hate rats tho!

    I was disgusted/horrified

    Later on in the dream my friends and I fought this evil guy who was using our sperm to create a army. We defeated him by changing the things that were popping out of us to what I wanted. My imagination superseeded his. I was turning the “things” into toy trains, or deformed ppl pieces that fell apart.

    After that we stayed in the house, us and guests. 2 friends got married and I gave them my big room and bunked into a den with my other friends. There was dancing and happiness..

    Very very weird!