Anvil in Dreams

Dreaming of an anvil mean that you have the ability to stop your enemies short of their tracks. The truth of the matter is that you are able to shape your own destiny. As in metal works, the anvil helps to bring form to whatever shape you are sculpting. In your career, you will naturally gain back exponentially the amount of time and effort you put in.

Athlete in Dreams

Dreaming of an athlete means you have the inner ability to excel and push through limits that most individuals cannot. To attain financial success, you will endure multiple challenges and come out ahead of the pack. While training your overall physical well being to meet these challenges, remember to train your mental well being also.

Aisle in Dreams

Dreaming of an aisle represent your resolve to complete a task when assigned. Your ability to focus one thing at a time is uncanny and becomes the envy of your peers. The management team will soon notice these strong traits of yours and provide you with promotions accordingly. Continue to walk this straight aisle path and never waver to reach the pinnacle of your professional life.