Bouquet in Dreams

Dreaming of a bouquet means affection and love. The person who gave the bouquet is signifying their true intentions to you, and now you decide on how to reciprocate. If you feel the same, then give them a kiss. If you are not ready, then let them know without stringing them along. Healthy relationships start with being honest, and bouquets help to grow the budding foundations.

Gazelle in Dreams

Gazelles are beautiful and graceful creatures. Dreaming about a gazelle often represents dreaming of someone you have an interest in. Further dreaming about them brings the host joy, genuine love and affection towards the subject of their dreams.

Thong in Dreams

Dreaming of thongs mean that you are comfortable with your sexuality and have no problem revealing your feelings others. You are true to yourself and never fear any forms of embarrassment associated with how others view their bodies or what they do in life. Public display of affection is second nature to you.

Affection in Dreams

Dreaming of affection means you are happy and grateful of the many relationships you have nurtured. You long for the days where you are side by side with the people you care about, sharing moments of laughter, and capturing their happy expressions.

The affection you manage to show in public is a reaffirmation of your strong relationships.