Blueprint in Dreams

Dreaming of a blueprint means seeking out the master plan to life. You may have hit rock bottom in life, and now you need answers fast. Start by looking for a mentor who can guide you through the process with their experiences. Know that no one have all the answers, but they can help you focus on rebuilding your life from the ground up.

Successful life rules are always a good guide. Please use that as a blueprint to your future self of tomorrow.

Lynx in Dreams

Dreaming of a lynx means the truth is hidden from you. As soon as you approach the subject, your peers turn away and change the subject on you. This rekindles your suspicions that you have been given the run around all this time. Besides getting answers from them, you should engage in a little detective work by following up on any available paper trails and connections outside your circle.

The truth will be reveal to you in due time.

Books in Dreams

Dreaming of books mean you are thirsting for knowledge and a strong desire to move ahead in life. Books are the answers to everything in life. Whatever questions you have, the answers are always found in books. Years of knowledge and research are usually summarized into a few hundred pages of a book that you can consume in few days. Start abusing your library card to get ahead in life.

Meaning in Dreams

Dreaming of meaning represents your constant search for answers. You are never content with what you do as a career, and the quest for meaning only grows more wary on you with each passing day. The truth of the matter is that you are living to work rather than working to live. Doing someone’s or a superior’s bidding everyday without fail is mindless work.

Break away from the rat race, and then find meaning in doing what you love.