Annoy in Dreams

Dreaming of being annoyed means people are plotting against you and causing your anxiety levels to rise. In the waking hours, beware of your surroundings and people who appear to be too nice as their true motives are rarely revealed.

Escape to a place with less activity and distractions, then you can focus on working on your goals again.

Chased in Dreams

The fear of being chased in dreams stems from real life anxieties. Have you committed an attrocious act that you are hidding from everyone and scared of being found? You are running away at the same time being chased in your dream, because it is instinctive to avoid being caught. There is a lot of pressure on you to keep avoiding the issues at work or your relationships.

If you continue to have these being chased dreams very often, seek out a person you can trust and discuss with them how you can confront the issues at hand. There is no need to keep feeling vulnerable every night you fall asleep.

Pluto in Dreams

In mythology, the Roman god, Pluto is the counterpart of the Greek god, Hades who is often seen as the embodiment of destruction, chaos, and death. He was often undermined by his brothers for his ruling of the underworld. Thus, to dream about the planet Pluto, means that there may be hidden potential beneath your exterior or transformation is about to take place. It may also indicate your fear and anxiety for an event that is about take place.

Kangaroo in Dreams

Dreaming of kangaroos are and indication of your anxiety and hostility towards a certain friend or enemy. Kangaroos are by nature a cautious and guarded creatures. Thus upon waking up from a kangaroo dream, you must exercise care to notice changes in your relationships.