Mountain Lion in Dreams

Dreaming of mountain lions, you are aware of the dangers waiting to confront you. At this point, you are also looking for approval from individuals who hold influence over your waking life. Whether they are your bosses, or higher ups of a family hierarchy.

Once accepted by the mountain lions, your own wealth and fortune will progress at a higher rate with their powerful backing.

Ballot in Dreams

Dreaming of a ballot means you are doing everything you can to earn the respect and approval of your peers. There may be a real nemesis, or the person you have to beat is yourself by becoming the better version.

If you are casting a ballot for yourself, then you accept and approve of everything that is you. If you are not casting a ballot for yourself, then you want to emulate the person that has their name on the ballot.

Audition in Dreams

Dreaming of an audition means you are trying to win the approval of your peers. You are scared of the impressions that you may give them through your day to day interactions. Are you going to sweat through the audition or ace the audition in your dreams will indicate whether you have won their approval.