Divorce in Dreams

Divorce in a dream is a nightmare because of all the emotional attachments pertaining to it. Divorcing someone is no simple matter, and dreaming of the actual act of separation means that the relationship has managed to reach the point of no return. For numerous reasons, the anxieties of a divorce dream is very real because the person dreaming about it sees it as a option to allow their lives to move forward and leaving a bad situation behind.

Leech in Dreams

Leeches are ominous, blood sucking creatures. Dreaming about leeches is never a good sign. They foretell unfortunate events where your enemies overcome your territory. Your waking hours will be full of disappointment.

Rhinoceros in Dreams

Rhinoceros are fierce creatures. When they appear in your dreams, it does not bode well for you. Rhinoceros represent an ominous force threatening you. The obstacles that await you will be very difficult to overcome.

Imagine yourself hunting a rhinoceros, you will need a lot of help and necessary equipment to face this challenge of a dream.

Locusts in Dream

When locusts appear in your dreams, it represents a part of your life that’s famished. Whether it is brain food or career advancements, these areas have come to a complete stop simply because the learning has halted. Prior to the locusts, your field of dreams were lush with greenery and hope. This destructive dream is a wake up call that you can hit rock bottom if you don’t commit yourself to improvement.