Jackdaw in Dreams

When a jackdaw or a small type of raven appears in your dream, there is a pending bad omen waiting to happen. Always be on top of events unfolding around you, as these birds do not bring any indications of abundant wealth an good fortune but the opposite.

The jackdaw of your dreams will also trample with your relationships, taking their good standing status to a tenuous standing.

Hornets in Dream

Hornets are feared for its sting. When hornets appear in your dreams, it is a foreshadowing of bad things to come. It could be a business deal that fell through and the aftermath is just starting to unravel.

Or you may be feeling vengeful for some unfortunate event that has stung you once already. There is nothing positive about a dream of hornets. Be cautious in your waking hours.

Abused in Dreams

Unfortunate as it is to have this dream of being abused, no one should ever suffer through such an experience. The dream may have to do with a bad memory of being bullied or being neglected in the younger years. However, as an adult and having survived the ordeal, it is time to let go and start a new chapter in the life you want for yourself.

Distance these bad dreams by seeking therapy if necessary.

Bagpipe in Dreams

Dreaming of a bagpipe means something bad is about to happen. Be prepared to face the music as it gets louder and lengthier. The situation that you face will drag on based on the nature of associating itself to a bagpipe, and it will not necessarily be pleasant to your ears when you first hear of it.