Wrinkled Skin in Dreams

Seeing Wrinkled skin in dreams shows that you’re worrying about your age and your physical appearance. In your physical form you may start to realize your limitations as your age gets older. You’re not the young energetic and youthful person you use to be, you’re growing older each day. Your body is afraid that it’s going to be worn out and useless and your mind is representing that in the form of a dream. Another reason for this dream is that you can just be vain, you’re very focused on your physical appearance and you’re afraid of getting wrinkles. Everyone will get them eventually, instead of worrying about your outer beauty maybe it’s a sign to look for your inner beauty.

Peacock in Dreams

Dream of spreading your tail feathers as a peacock indicates your real desires to be noticed and admired for your beauty. Naturally you are full of confidence and ambitions. However, it may be a false foundation if you consistently rely on beauty as lessens with age.

Venus in Dreams

Seeing the planet Venus in your dreams, epitomizes your wish and love for beauty, fertility and passion. This planet is one of the brightest objects in the sky so dreaming about Venus may mean that you will be illuminated and enlightened on situations that you have not been fully aware of. Venus in your dreams may also represent that you are a cheerful and optimistic person. Opposed to Mars, Venus represents unity, artistic ambition, and harmony in love.

Barbie Doll in Dreams

Dreaming of a barbie doll means you are seeking to live an ideal life. You tend to think having the perfect body image, and material possessions would naturally make your happier. Look within yourself to see if looking your best all the time justifies the amount of time spent verse the rewards gained. Learn to build on long terms goals instead of focusing on beauty and things, because time trumps beauty and all things lose value.