Architecture in Dreams

Dreaming of architecture means you are building a life based on planning and strong foundations. The relationships and careers that you establish will be very strong as you have invested wholeheartedly into moving them towards the desired path. Continue to dream of shaping the life you want, and you will have it in the waking hours.

Beaver in Dreams

Beavers are industrious creatures that work hard at building dams. Dreaming of beavers means you have a strong belief in working hard to attain long term goals in life. Many times you could have been swayed by get rich quick schemes, but you choose the route of working hard.

The results show in the empire of wealth and good fortune you have accumulated over your lifetime.

Building in Dreams

Dreaming of a building means immense power for the person standing at the top. That person has a view of a fortuitous future analogous to seeing objects miles away unobstructed.

Are you the person looking to get to the top of the building or are you already standing at the top? Do what you must to get to the top, even if you push aside your peers when you dream of buildings.