Archaeology in Dreams

Dreaming of archaeology means you are looking into the past for hints to help you understand and perhaps overcome your personal challenges in life. This can also become a burden for you because it entraps you into wasting time on the past, while the present is passing you by. Try not to be left behind, and continue to forge forward with positive outlooks.

Broken Bridge in Dreams

To see a broken bridge in your dreams indicates that you feel lost and about to collapse due to emotional and mental pressure building up on you. These heavy burdens gradually casts its full weight down onto you. Thus, envisioning a broken bridge is symbolic of this. A broken bridge in your dreams may suggest that there’s a collapse in your awake self. Things such as relationships and opportunities are falling apart and you are that pillar trying to hold onto the bridge. This can also mean that there is a lack of communication and interaction with others.

Acquit in Dreams

Dreaming of being acquitted means you are dying for the get out of jail card. Whether you are guilty or not, the end result of being acquitted will help lift a great burden off your shoulders allowing you to continue living the life that you have always dreamed of living.