Birth Control in Dreams

Dreaming of birth control indicates your desires to be sexually active. Taking birth control allows you to be in the moment without the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. The dream is who you are as a cautious person, who is dreadfully of making mistakes.

Skipping birth control is when you learn to trust your partner, and peers. The world should always be enjoyed with others.

Ape in Dreams

Apes warns the person dreaming to beware of events happening around them. Apes are normally cautious creatures that love to explore. Deceit and betrayal often goes with this dream involving apes. You will find the opposition madly in love.

Monkey in Dreams

Monkeys and clowns lie to your face. Dreaming of monkeys mean that you have deceitful friends who will constantly tell half truths to advance their own motives. Prevent them from making a fool out of you by being more cautious and limit the amount of selective information you provide to them.

In a love relationship, the monkey is your opposition. Quit clowning around, and the relationship can continue to the next level.