Aim in Dreams

Dreaming of aim represents setting higher goals in your career and life. Currently you start out strong but have a tendency to finish last as you lose aim when confronted with obstacles. The road ahead will not be easy, so take aim of where you need to go in your dreams.

If you are dreaming of lack of aim, then you need real life practice to help you get more comfortable in managing your daily challenges.

Stairs in Dreams

Dreaming of climbing stairs represent attaining achievements. You will make progress in your spiritual journeys and come out a richer person in spirit and wealth. The higher you climb, the greater your foundations of success.

Dreaming of descending down stairs signifies facing setbacks and challenges that have kept you from moving forward. Make the decision in your waking life to cut the relations with contacts that continue to provide you with negativity.

Barefoot in Dreams

Dreaming of being barefoot means you are facing some financial difficulties that may lead you to lose everything including your shirt and shoes. It is a reminder that life ahead will be tough if you are not able overcome the obstacles and challenges in front of you. Now is the time to seriously examine your options closely, and start to make smarter life choices.

Aries in Dreams

Dreaming of Aries means you are dealing with a stubborn situation. This situation is both irritating and annoying. The waking part of you don’t want to deal with it, while the sleeping part of you is constantly reminded of the challenges ahead. Dig deep into your ability to remain focused and take care of the pending situation as if it is the only thing in your life that is important.