Birthday in Dreams

Your birthday is a special day! Dreaming of your birthday has the potential to signify your excitement as you reach another year. With age, comes beauty, maturity, growth and wisdom. Dreaming of your birthday shows that you look forward to the maturing and to the coming of age.

Another way this dream of your birthday can be interpreted is that you fear aging and changes. Another year has past for your birthday and you may be a bit frightened that things will change. You want to have some sort of constant in your life and don’t adapt too easily to changes.

Immortality in Dreams

Defined as a state of unending existence, immortality is something that people wish to obtain. Dreaming that you are immortal symbolizes qualities such as longevity, imperishability, and godlike. You yearn to obtain something that no one was ever able to have. To see that you are immortal in your dream indicates that you are not intimidated by the future or fearful of any adversity that comes your way. You would be able to handle any situation. Seeing yourself imbued with immortality reflects your belief that you are better or of higher status than others.

On the other hand, dreaming that you are immortal represents your unyielding and stationary nature. You do not wish for any changes to your current powerful state to change. In other words, you like things the way they are and do not wish to move anything.

September Dream

Dreaming of September is accompany by luck and change. The work you have put in towards projects and relationships will bear fruit and a wonderful harvest. Do not delay any new starts or tasks you have in mind, because as hard as it may seem in the begining, the luck factor of September will help you carry through and realize success where there was initial doubt.

Hail in Dreams

Hail in dreams represent a hectic and chaotic time in your life. There is a lot of conflict and commotion, you’re thrown off your normal routines and your life is changing drastically. You are being bombarded with things that you can’t fully handle and their getting out of control. You can’t control what’s going on and you’re caught in some type of storm where you can’t escape and you’re stuck. Just stick with it and wait for the storm to clear because once you work through it, a brighter day will come.