Tea in Dreams

To dream that you are making or having tea shows satisfaction and happiness in your life. You are taking you time to deal with your relationship or situation. To dream that you are brewing tea shows you may be guilty of careless actions and will feel remorseful. To spill tea is a sign of confusion. Drinking tea can also suggest a health issue that you might be facing, which the tea is helping to cope with.

Autumn Dream

Autumn is a season of change. When you dream of Autumn, leaves are turning brown falling off trees. The warmth and excitement is coming close to an end; replaced by transformation and change.

All good things go through cycles, and when Autumn appears in a dream, you can certainly expect the highs to go lowers, and the lows to go higher. Some positives turning negative, and some negative aspects of your life turning positive.

Apprentice in Dreams

The show by Donald Trump ” The Apprentice ” appearing in your dream can symbolize a yearning for what they possess. The job, naturally will give you a large income, and allows you to work with Donald Trump. You possibly are wanting to change your job, and have a larger income and maybe, you have a desire to be with Donald Trump. You want to change your current situation, and have a different job. This can represent a change you want to involve within your life. Maybe the thought of being on television isn’t bad as well.

You possibly want the challenges of being on Apprentice because you crave for change in your life.

Losing Virginity in Dreams

Losing Virginity is a life changing event for most people. It can be seen as the transition into adulthood, or a passionate connection you share with someone you care about. If you’re losing your virginity in a dream, it can correlate to the idea of a need for someone you care about. It may be time for you to take the next step and become physically connected with your significant other.

If not about sexual relations, it can be concerned with guilt. Many cultures see losing ones virginity, before marriage as a sign of shame and guilt. Maybe you did something you aren’t proud of, or you’re changing, and you’re losing a part of yourself that you can never get back. It can relate to you sexually, or to you emotionally. Sexually, being that you have feelings for some one, and the time to take it a step further is entering your mind. Or emotionally and that you feel like you’ve lost who you are.