Bathtub in Dreams

Dreaming of a bathtub means you are seeking relaxation and renewal. A bathtub contains the cleansing liquid that will help you rid of your worries and daily annoyances. Take time to fill the bathtub with clear water and surround it with candles to enhance the mood. Sink into the filled bathtub and come out renewed.

Urination in Dreams

When one dreams of urination, they probably have gone to sleep after drinking a good amount of water beforehand. Thus, dreaming that you are urinating is just your body’s way of telling you what you need to do; pee! Many times dreams of urination is actually your body being unable to hold the urine in or almost at breaking point. If it is not resolved, your body might just let it go right there when you sleep!

Besides the obvious, dreams of urination can be seen as acts of cleansing. You are getting rid of the wastes and harmful substances that can be deadly to your body. Applying it to your wake self, this can mean that you are pushing those that have treated you unfairly away and you’re going for a fresh start.

Kidney in Dreams

Dreaming of kidneys means your physical and spiritual being needs a thorough cleansing. If you are feeling ill or undertaking unknown toxins in your diet, the kidneys dream is your warning to re-evaluate the situations and change.

Your current spiritual thoughts may be unclean and clouded with dirty unethical desires. Seek out a confidant or therapist to help ease out the bad thoughts that trouble you.

Basin in Dreams

Dreaming of a basin means your life needs a cleansing. You are currently shameful of hiding something that you may have done, and you would like to come clean. Try telling a close friend, or church pastor to help cleanse you of your guilt. It is best to move through the day without the stress of worrying about your past.