Clocks in Dreams

Clocks in a dream usually represent a sense of time, usually corresponding to the way you manage time. It most likely represents that you’re either running out of time, or that you’re deadline for somehting is almost up. Your mind is subconsciously reminding you that you need to get something done and that you have a duty to fulfill. Also it can be related to procrastination, where your mind’s telling you that all this procrastination is leading up to something bad. Your mind is letting you know that time is running out and you can’t put things back any longer. Or it can be the anxiety you have for something, such that you’re waiting for something to come to you, and your mind is very impatient.

The best solution to dreams involving clocks through a sense of time is to fix your problems in life. If there’s something important you need to do, do it now rather than wait. And sometimes, all you need is a little patience and hard work to get through your troubles.

Clock in Dreams

Dreaming about a clock, it represents you feeling anxious due to a lack of time to finish some tasks or be on top of your priorities. The hands of the clock is slowly ticking away, and you feel time is running out. If that is the case, you should try to speed things up, and reorganize your priorities to ensure that you will meet the deadlines for big projects, events, etc. However, if the hands of the clock stops, it may symbolically illustrate death.