Confusion in Dreams

Dreaming of confusion means something is messing with your thoughts. There’s currently no clarity as to the paths you should be taking to achieve your goals. You work hard at problems, but the tough times only contribute to more confusion. Seek out a mentor or a friend who have dealt with similar issues to guide you through the haze that clouds your mind. Once the path is provided for, don’t deviate or you will only be back to where you started.

Androgynous in Dreams

Dreaming of an androgynous person mean your thoughts are full of confusion and you are hesitant at making firm decisions. Speak with an experienced mentor who can guide you in redefining your role, and how you can make further adjustments to advance your career.

Once you have these foundations in place, you can focus on developing leadership skills without ever wavering.

Bog in Dreams

Dreaming of a bog means your surroundings are overwhelming your senses and creating confusion in your life. Your living space could use some improving to minimize the distractions. Remember that less is more. In your waking hours, focus on habits to clean up, eliminate wasting time, and always have a plan. Start now because bad leads to worst leads to ruin.

Transsexual in Dreams

Dreaming of a transsexual means you are experiencing sexual gender issues that borderlines as a female mind trapped in a male body or a male mind trapped in a female body. To correct the confusion, you are contemplating surgery and hormone injections to give you the correct parts allowing you to be who you are supposed to be.