Bladder in Dreams

Dreaming of a bladder means being in control of your situations. If you are not able to manage obstacles and challenges that creep up, then things will turn ugly very quickly. Continue with control a little longer, and don’t lose sight of your goals.

A tenuous bladder is a bad omen, as nothing is within your grips. Be prepared for setbacks in your careers and relationships.

Underwater in Dreams

To dream that you are underwater is reflective of your current state. You may feel that you are drowning and sucked into a whirlpool of problems and negative emotions. As a result, you feel you are losing control of salient tasks at hand and your life. Thus, you desire to find solutions and balance in your life.

Envisioning yourself underwater in your dream also has another interpretation. Water is a breathtaking element of nature so if you see yourself underwater, it may suggests you have a great affinity for the aquatic environment. You long for the tranquility that the blue waters can provide for you. This underwater dream may be indicative of your adventurous side and urge to explore so you can escape from boring everyday life.

Yoga in Dreams

To envision yourself performing yoga in your dreams may be reflective of your actual actions during your awake life if you are a yoga practitioner. This shows that as a person, you have a great sense of tranquility and control over your mind. However, if you normally do not do yoga, this dream can allude that you need maintain more balance and harmony in your life.

Clumsiness in Dreams

To see yourself as being clumsy in your dreams suggests that certain things or situations in your life is out of your hands. You feel like you have no way of keeping things steady and afloat. Thus, you fear that eventually, things will start crumbling down, dragging you down as well. Clumsiness in dreams may be a sign of enlightenment, advising you to regain some sort of balance in your life. There may be many things knocking you down and pushing you off balance, but whatever happens, being able to stand back up after falling is a prominent step to overcome your clumsiness.