Alchemy in Dreams

Dreaming of alchemy means transformation to someone other than your old self. You are not happy with your current situation and a positive change needed immediately. It takes a lot to change while not reverting back to your old ways and bad habits.

Alchemy dream allows you to hit rock bottom and ride the cycle to the top again.

Circle in Dreams

Dreaming of a circle is the sign of renewal. A circle has no start or beginning, as it is impossible to pinpoint exactly where everything began. True enough, it continues it’s set path, arcing around until it comes back to potentially where it began. Thus, dreaming of a circle is the manifestation of renewal in life, having everything come around and start that same cycle again, one that is impossible to escape from. You also feel whole and complete where everything in your life is set and perfect.

Through a more negative perspective, this can be viewed as you going around in circles, trying hard to find an end, but not being able to do so.