Death in Dreams

Dreaming of death represents your heighten state of anxiety caused by heavy workload or daily stress. Take a break from your responsibilities by planning a vacation to avoid an early career death.

The death dream can also signify someone, close to you, are having health problems and the fight against the disease has a bleak outlook. This brings you to wonder if they have lived a contented life that makes death happy.

Air Raid in Dreams

Dreaming of an air raid means you have absolutely no control over your situation and circumstances. Everyday, you are held up in a secluded shelter as your sanctuary where comfort and safety comes first. Until you can stare death and fear directly in the face, the air raid dreams will not go away.

Crow in Dreams

Seeing a crow in your dream means sorrow, death, and disappointment in everything. Crows have a negative connotation in real life because they are natural scavengers, usually feeding off smaller dead animals. Beware of crows because grief and misfortune will follow.

Falling in Dreams

Do you remember a dream where you are walk and suddenly the ground gives way, or your body loses strength and you fall? Falling in a dream is very common and often cause by the fact that we sleep in horizontal position where our sense of balance is different from our waking hours.

Or it could be an early indication of an onset of anxieties, and insecurities building up around you. These senses of the impending loses can be overwhelming, and delivers a crushing blow in waking hours that drastically affect your dreams where you tend to fall a lot more often than ususal.

Also to counter on the falling in dream myth, no you do not die if you don’t wake up from the dream after you fall.