Pluto in Dreams

In mythology, the Roman god, Pluto is the counterpart of the Greek god, Hades who is often seen as the embodiment of destruction, chaos, and death. He was often undermined by his brothers for his ruling of the underworld. Thus, to dream about the planet Pluto, means that there may be hidden potential beneath your exterior or transformation is about to take place. It may also indicate your fear and anxiety for an event that is about take place.

Maggot in Dreams

Dreaming of maggots is very bad and should be analyzed carefully. Maggots represent the eating away of the dead, and thus destroying your sense of sanity. It is also foretelling of issues that are being ignored and which will catch up with you and likely to impart a destructive period in your life. Take care of your pending problems and stop maggots from coming into your dreams.

Autopsy in Dreams

Dreaming of an autopsy means coldness and death. You are no longer connected to your community and peers as everything to you now lacks human warmth. Whatever struggles you may be encountering in life, discuss it with a friend and tackle it with another person’s help. Dealing with your problems alone will prolong the situation and rarely resolve the issues.

Death in Dreams

Dreaming of death represents your heighten state of anxiety caused by heavy workload or daily stress. Take a break from your responsibilities by planning a vacation to avoid an early career death.

The death dream can also signify someone, close to you, are having health problems and the fight against the disease has a bleak outlook. This brings you to wonder if they have lived a contented life that makes death happy.