Abdomen in Dreams

Dreaming of an abdomen means you have a hunger to succeed, and fulfill a destiny. Currently, there is an amount of emptiness that you are aware of, and which makes your mind wander in the waking hours.

Accept the task of your destiny by writing it down, and pursue it everyday until the abdomen dream is no more.

Baking in Dreams

Dreaming of baking means you are the master of your creations. You hold the key to making your own destiny instead of living by the rules of the world. Go out and explore what makes you happy, and pursue that passion with the intensity of steam bursting out of a boiling kettle.

Everything you touch will be a creation upon itself.

Anvil in Dreams

Dreaming of an anvil mean that you have the ability to stop your enemies short of their tracks. The truth of the matter is that you are able to shape your own destiny. As in metal works, the anvil helps to bring form to whatever shape you are sculpting. In your career, you will naturally gain back exponentially the amount of time and effort you put in.

Astral Projection in Dreams

Dreaming of an astral projection means you have been wandering, and staying away from your friends and family. You may have realized that your emotions should not be affected by what others say or do because they are not you. Stepping away from it all and avoiding distractions will allow you to see the bigger picture that it is possible to create your own destiny.