Bending in Dreams

Dreaming of bending means you are in phase of wanting to please that may be derived from a fear of disappointment. Wanting to please is okay, but don’t sacrifice your integrity and your self worth in the process. If your irrational fear of disappointment forces you to bend over backwards for others requests, then you need to start rethinking whether what you are doing is healthy or detrimental to your self being. The dream is telling you to develop some backbone to start defining yourself.

Lice in Dreams

A dream of lice carries more than the indication of life’s neglects. It is often accompany by worries and distress as this parasite clings on conditions that favor its habitat. If you are considering new business deals or career changes, your dream was a warning that these endeavors will be accompanied by disappointment.

Leech in Dreams

Leeches are ominous, blood sucking creatures. Dreaming about leeches is never a good sign. They foretell unfortunate events where your enemies overcome your territory. Your waking hours will be full of disappointment.