Annoy in Dreams

Dreaming of being annoyed means people are plotting against you and causing your anxiety levels to rise. In the waking hours, beware of your surroundings and people who appear to be too nice as their true motives are rarely revealed.

Escape to a place with less activity and distractions, then you can focus on working on your goals again.

Bog in Dreams

Dreaming of a bog means your surroundings are overwhelming your senses and creating confusion in your life. Your living space could use some improving to minimize the distractions. Remember that less is more. In your waking hours, focus on habits to clean up, eliminate wasting time, and always have a plan. Start now because bad leads to worst leads to ruin.

Allergy in Dreams

Dreaming of allergy means sensitivity to surroundings that keep you unfocused and unable to complete your tasks. Reaching your full potential is not possible as something is always irritating you.

Reevaluate your work surrounding, and throw out things that cause distractions. Separate work from play, and you will once again operate at optimal levels.

Blurry in Dreams

Dreaming of blurry visions mean confusion and lack of a plan. Attaining goals will take longer than usual because of the constant fog over your thoughts. Try to eliminate many of the distractions surrounding your waking hours. Take a few hours to write out the process. It doesn’t have to be a detailed mastery, as long as you are willing to take the first step.