Teeth in Dreams

Teeth as a topic of dreams is more common than we think because teeth is associated with our very emotions. With every smile or frown, we see teeth or it is hidden away.

Also, when we were younger, we all went through the traumatic experience of losing our baby teeth and replaced with deeply rooted teeth. Though we don’t know it, but the experience of having missing teeth was an embarrassing and awkward moment of life that no one can control.

As an adult and dreaming of rotten teeth or falling teeth, there are deeper issues that trouble you in the form of potential embarrassment that keeps you from addressing important issues at hand.

Baboon in Dreams

Dreaming of a baboon means you are about to encounter an embarrassing event. Some prankster may have selected you as a target for one of their pranks. Instead of worrying too much, try to go with the flow and have a good laugh with everyone involved. Don’t feel that everyone is laughing at you, but turn the situation around and have everyone laugh with you because life is too short to be serious all the time.