Zipper in Dreams

To dream of a zipper implies sexuality, promiscuity, emotional discomfort and various aspects of your life. If you are unzipping then it indicates that you are opening up to the world around you and you’re not afraid anymore. If you are zipping up then it suggests that you are closing yourself off emotionally and feeling insecure. Alternatively, the dream may also mean that you need to keep your mouth “zipped” because you are talking too much, possibly something bad about others. To see a broken or stuck zipper in your dream signifies frustration because you’re not able to resolve a situation or problem.

Windows in Dreams

Having a window, or many in your dreams represents either one of two things. Depending on the state of the window.

If you’re looking through the window in your dream, it means that you either want something on the other side, or you’re just observing because of a certain feeling. It could vary in emotions from jealousy, approval, hatred etc. Depending on what you see on the other side, if it’s positive, then you either yearn for it, or you like it. If it’s negative it can associate with all the other negative emotions.

If you’re looking at a reflection in the window, it could mean that there should be a re-evaluation of yourself. You might see something wrong with yourself, or your conscious is telling you that something’s not right with the way you are presently, either emotionally or physically.

Hairpiece in Dreams

Hairpiece in dreams represents the way you’re currently feeling about yourself. If you’re wearing a hairpiece, there is connections to feeling lost and uncomfortable with the way you are. You probably feel like you’re losing a part of you and that you need to change and cover up who you really are. This can have relations close to being afraid of aging and losing your hair, or fear related to the physical appearance of having no hair. Hair is only a part of you, it doesn’t make you any better or worse, focus on what you’re covering up emotionally with the hairpiece and find a way to overcome it.

Divorce in Dreams

Divorce in a dream is a nightmare because of all the emotional attachments pertaining to it. Divorcing someone is no simple matter, and dreaming of the actual act of separation means that the relationship has managed to reach the point of no return. For numerous reasons, the anxieties of a divorce dream is very real because the person dreaming about it sees it as a option to allow their lives to move forward and leaving a bad situation behind.