Barometer in Dreams

Dreaming of a barometer means you are trying to measure the impact of your emotions on your work and relationships. By keeping your emotions in check, it may lead to improved work performance and stronger relationships.

If a barometer reading in your dream exceeds the limit, then it is time to take a step back from your day to day activities and re-evaluate where your life is heading before setting new goals to achieve.

Anger in Dreams

Dreaming of anger means you are currently repressing those emotions in the waking hours. The hostilities you hold toward the person in your dreams are never at the receiving end of a yelling match in the waking hours because you cannot conjure up the balls to do it.

Holding the pent up anger inside you is not healthy and will lead to a greater destructive outcome. Get it over with by confronting the person that causes you to have restless nights.

Sad in Dreams

Dreaming of being sad means an unwanted change is about to occur. It could be a job lost, a relationship gone bad, a family member’s health declining, or you simply did not get what you want. All these events toy with your emotions, and a person who takes it personally will amplify them. The fact that some events are beyond your control saddens you.

Assaulting in Dreams

Assaulting in a Dream can mean many things. For one, there is more than likely some emotional issues that need to be looked at. Some of which include anger, sadness, depression, and being irrational.

Being assaulted compared to assaulting someone has two different contexts. Being assaulted can have a link between your conscience and your physical being. This could indicate an event or time where you were physically harmed in such a way, and your mind is slowly having reoccurring thoughts. There can be connections to being insecure, as where you’re worried that there may be harm done to your person, or you’re not content with yourself physically so your mind feels the need to harm your current state.

Assaulting someone in a dream is related to the emotional issues, whether you’re taking out your emotions on them because you have a personal dislike towards that person or, they have wronged you in a way. The way to cope with these dreams is to deal with your emotions, and ask yourself if you’re angry or are there unresolved issues that you’re feeling with the person that’s in your dreams.