Foal in Dreams

Dreaming of a young foal indicates your life is taking on a new direction. New projects and starts will be a norm regarding work and relationships. Save the current expended energies in order to succeed when the new undertakings take form.

There won’t be a lack of support from your peers as they will see and congratulate you on your efforts. Take this foal dream in stride as it is a good omen.

Moisturizer in Dreams

Dreaming of moisturizer means you seek healing and rejuvenation. Start to realize that troubles and obstacles may be draining all your energies. Try unloading some that confronts you, or take a vacation to re-energize before facing them anew.

If you don’t take care of old wounds, the cuts will be deeper. Moisturize and start taking care of yourself before you break completely.

Alabaster in Dreams

Dreaming of alabaster means capturing a successful moment in art. The form carries perfection, and endures the test of time through the love and care you have put into creating the piece. This is to show your attachment to the subject of interest where you exert all your energies.