Galaxy in Dreams

Dreaming of the galaxy is reflective of your creative and uprising energy to express yourself. You feel free and unhindered by any boundaries to convey all innovative ideas and thoughts you may have. The galaxy is in your hands and you want to mold and shape it the way you want. Seeing the galaxy in dreams may suggest that instead of being narrow minded, you are taking a more open minded approach to matters at hand.

Aurora Borealis in Dreams

Dreaming of aurora borealis means whatever you are dealing with currently is giving off excess energy. It is your desire to capture the escaping energy, which is both warm and positive. Don’t wait for the aurora borealis to dissipate before your moment of opportunity has passed. It is also a very good indication that your actions immediately after the aurora borealis dream will be received warmly.

Antelope in Dreams

Antelopes are accompanied by high amounts of energy whether they are traveling from location to location, or running away from predators. To dream about antelopes means you are expending a good deal of energy to finish tasks or avoid work. Either way, you will succeed.

Falcon in Dreams

Dreaming of a falcon means you exert high levels of energy to achieve your goals. The process involves strenuous concentration, and long hours to perfect your craft. At work, you are always the superstar the clients love. In relationships, you always take the dominate role.