Battery in Dreams

Dreaming of a battery means you need energy to recharge yourself for the path ahead. Try to get a full night’s sleep every night as a start. Think positive even if you are facing many obstacles because at the end nothing really matters except that you have lived the life that you want. Do what you must in order find that energy source whether it means taking up a new hobby or distancing yourself from energy draining relationships.

Spa in Dreams

Defined as a placid facility of relaxation, spas often revive people who are fatigued and exhausted by everyday life. Thus, dreaming that you are at a spa is indicative of your need or desire to re-energize yourself before dealing with upcoming tasks. Seeing yourself at a spa in your dream can also suggest that you want to wash away things that have been troubling you before you continue on to the next phase of life. You want to tackle matters at hand with invigorated spirit.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and do so as even your dream is prompting you!

Ticks in Dream

Ticks are blood suckers, and they are the same in your dreams. Often draining large amounts of energy from the host. When you see ticks in your dream, there is a situation or event currently on your mind that keeps sucking up your time and energy. Find and address this issue immediately to save your career and relationships.

It could be vices such as drug use, alcohol abuse, or bad relationships that are slowly destroying your life. Put an end to it immediately.

Galaxy in Dreams

Dreaming of the galaxy is reflective of your creative and uprising energy to express yourself. You feel free and unhindered by any boundaries to convey all innovative ideas and thoughts you may have. The galaxy is in your hands and you want to mold and shape it the way you want. Seeing the galaxy in dreams may suggest that instead of being narrow minded, you are taking a more open minded approach to matters at hand.