Anxiety in Dreams

Dreaming of anxiety means you are harboring fear towards a certain activity or event. The closer as the time line approaches, the greater the fear eventually freezing you out from any kind of action. This normally stems from a need for perfection, and a fear of failure. Truth of the matter is that everyone fails before they succeed.

Centipedes in Dream

Centipedes are fearsome creatures. In dreams, they represent fears and worries that act as obstacles between you and your goals. There will be tremendous amount of negative energy surrounding you, and impeding every steps of your progress. Stop thinking negatively and being pessimistic will rid of centipedes from your dreams.

Running in Dreams

In your dream when you are running, it is either towards your goal or away from your fears. The strides of the run correlates with the effort and time you put in working towards a reward. At the finish line, a good amount of fortune will be awarded to you.

However, if the running dream is troubling you, then be careful of the enemies that lurk in shadows that track your every move. Remember to keep running strong until you have escaped your fears or confront them when necessary.

Mumbai in Dreams

Dreaming of Mumbai is a representation of the greatness this city has achieved through technological and economic advancements where international commerce transacts everyday. And where Bollywood ideas are dreamed about, and brought to life.

It is also a dream of sadness for the horrors inflicted on Mumbai’s civilians and innocent where militants take the city hostage. The fear of everything turned upside down due to lawlessness and threats keep us sleepless at night.