Acrobat in Dreams

Dreaming of an acrobat means you want to be flexible enough to finesse yourself through tough situations. Whatever the situation, you want to master the skills of dancing around them with grace. In addition to the outside appearance, your form is strengthen through years of training, thus acting as the foundation of your power if others decide to challenge your expertise.

Bamboo in Dreams

Dreaming of bamboo means you are seeking a spring in your step. Allowing you to bounce back from whatever failings, or personal obstacles that you may encounter. Bamboos are naturally wicked strong and flexible. Embrace these characteristics to become the responsible and dependable person that your love ones could look to.

Aerobics in Dreams

Dreaming of aerobics means you are flexible and able to actively participate in all events around you. Aerobics allows you to put all your muscles to work instead of sitting in front of the screen reviewing excel spreadsheets and client documents. It is a calling to find more productive work that involves more movement over a sedimentary position.