Saturn in Dreams

The planet, Saturn is often associated with lessons of destruction, rebirth, and growth. Seeing Saturn in your dreams, symbolizes a trial of endurance and hard work. At the zenith point, your trial of adversity will pay off, resulting in satisfaction and achievement of your goals. Saturn is also an indicator of indifference, knowledge, constraints, and persistence. Although there may be limitations and obstacles along the path, eventually, one will reach enlightenment through lessons and discipline. As a result, a greater knowledge of life is bestowed upon you.

To see Saturn in your dreams, indicates your clandestine nature and inability to open up to others. To make the most out of life, one should learn to trust and share the positive and negative things you may have encountered.

Beans in Dreams

Dreaming of beans mean personal growth. Whether it is your career or relationships, they will slowly grow stronger. Continue to watch over its progress as your efforts take root in producing something meaningful that you will cherish for a long time.

If you are married, it also signifies a time of fertility. Once you have these dreams about beans, then take steps toward family planning.

Katydids in Dream

Dreaming of katydids signify your dependence on others that continues to limit your own growth potentials. Your circle of friends and acquaintances are not the types to chase dreams or bigger goals. Set yourself free of the katydids dream by making new friends, and creating a new inner circle who encourage and support you in new endeavors without prejudice.

Darkroom in Dreams

Dreaming of a darkroom is the sign of growth gone undetected. A darkroom is where pictures from older cameras are developed. Thus, as the name implies, it is a very dimly lit room, having little light in it as to let the film develop correctly. Dreaming of the dark room has the same meaning; there is potential growth and development that unfortunately are kept in the dark. They are hard to notice as it happens, but the end result is superb.