Blueprint in Dreams

Dreaming of a blueprint means seeking out the master plan to life. You may have hit rock bottom in life, and now you need answers fast. Start by looking for a mentor who can guide you through the process with their experiences. Know that no one have all the answers, but they can help you focus on rebuilding your life from the ground up.

Successful life rules are always a good guide. Please use that as a blueprint to your future self of tomorrow.

Cave in Dreams

Dreaming of a cave is a meaning of being potentially stuck or lost. A cave offers little to no light so if one dreams of a cave, this is perhaps a sign that you are within that cave. You search and try to find your way out, but it is a difficult task. There is little hope, as it requires someone who has been in the cave before and knows their way around to navigate through it and help guide you to safety. A cave offers concealment and protection from the rest of the world. This can represent your yearning to hide yourself away until you are ready to come out and face others.