Crane in Dreams

Dreaming of cranes signify happiness and overall content for life. You do not envy others, or wish any ill will against even your enemies. At times when vengeance is called for, you choose peace instead. Your life is pure and simple exemplifying goodness to the bone.

Parks and Carnivals in Dreams

Dreaming of parks and carnivals mean you are recalling extreme emotions of happiness and frustrations. You may have spent an awesome memorable day at the park with a significant other and continue to cherish the moments.

At the carnival, you may have waited hours in line for a 2 minute ride. That’s the frustration you remember, in addition to the thrill you had on the ride.

These extremes help to make life feel real; and you want to experience them again and again.

Joint in Dreams

Joints connect as your dream is hinting at you to be more aware of all the different connections between everyday actions. Your happiness may come from performing a great job at work, where your significant other has provided you with ideas on the project. The more you realize that your actions define who you are, then you have made the connection between your dream about joints and your waking life.

Almonds in Dream

Dreaming of almonds mean wealth and happiness are within reach in its purest form. You can taste the pure joy of the successful business decisions you made to get you to the top of a competitive industry. Witnessing the failings of the competition brings a bittersweet tear to your eyes along with a gleaming smile.