Antiseptic in Dreams

Dreaming of antiseptic means you need healing in emotional and physical aspects of your life. You are about to experience a traumatic breakup from a current relationship or a drastic career shortcoming. Beware of dangerous games and activities that can adversely affect your overall health. Be more cautious as the antiseptic dream is a foretelling you of the worst to come.

Liver in Dreams

Dreaming of a liver means you are concerned about your overall health. Knowing the fact that regular alcohol consumption contributes to liver failure frightens you. With every drink, you are closer to aggravating and damaging your liver.

Take a moment to reexamine your life and understand why you need to consume alcohol in such large amounts? Fix your life before you fail your liver.

Swan in Dreams

Swans bring about prosperity and delight in dreams. If you have a health concern, then your swan dream is a message of good health to follow. If you are faced with a mysterious life issue, the swan in your dream will provide the revelation.

In all its goodness, swans will set you free to enjoy all the delightful experiences of what life is meant to be at its fullest.

Health in Dreams

Dreaming of health means there’s trouble brewing in terms of your body deteriorating. People do not dream of health or even think about it until something goes wrong and is adversely effecting their daily functions. Think of the many vices such as smoking, drinking, drugs, over eating and lack of physical activity that contribute to overall bad health.