Unlit Candle in Dreams

Candles are often perceived as romantic and mysterious objects used to bestow a mystic like atmosphere. This is only achieved when the candles are lit and giving off a fiery glow. Thus, if you envision an unlit candle in your dreams, this insinuates a feeling of puzzlement and frustration. You feel like you are being isolated and left out from knowing about salient matters in your life. You yearn for enlightenment and the ability to comprehend what went wrong.

An unlit candle in your dreams may allude to the notion that your potential to become great is still hidden. Only when you are ready, the candle will be lit and at that time, you will unmask the magnanimous potential in you.

Gargoyle in Dreams

Dreaming of a gargoyle means you know of some incident that cannot be revealed to the public. Whenever it tries to surface into the light, people involved tends to make it hidden again. Dealing with such a difficult situation is disheartening, and can continue to drain you of your energies until you too become part of the problem.

Set yourself free by distancing yourself from the issue, as if you have absolutely no more involvement in it because it is beyond your control. Your dreams then will be clear of any gargoyles.

Hidden in Dreams

Dreaming of hidden means you are seeking an important item or belonging in your life. The funny situation is that things are never found when you are searching for it, and always turn up on their own at the unlikeliest of place when you have turned your mind to something else.

If this hidden dream continues to bother you, refocus your mind on something else other than the missing items.

Blindfold in Dreams

Dreaming of blindfold means the truth remains hidden. Whoever you are dealing with in your business relationships are not completely forthcoming with you. Plan on spending more time to dig deeper into the whatever you don’t understand because they will do everything to hid the truth from you.

Those who blindfold you have a lot at stake if the truth gets out into the public.