Nudity in Dreams

When you are nude in your dream, you are totally vulnerable and exposed. Your first thoughts are that you want to hide, and not be seen. When you are awake, you should take time to re-examine your situation to see if this dream really has any legs, and adjust accordingly by getting all your ducklings in line.

Does this mean you are not confident about yourself or not too proud of the things you have done?

Bathrobe in Dreams

Dreaming of a bathrobe means you have something to hide, or have something that you are not necessarily comfortable discussing. If you are dealing with tough issues at work, it will be best to keep it private and away from being publicly known. Keep to yourself until your dream shows you removing your bathrobe.

Bandana in Dreams

Dreaming of a bandana means you have something to hide. In your business relationships, you are never honest with your participation which limits the amount of opportunities that come your way. Learn to be more open, and vulnerable. This will allow others to accept or reject you for who you really are.