Abdomen in Dreams

Dreaming of an abdomen means you have a hunger to succeed, and fulfill a destiny. Currently, there is an amount of emptiness that you are aware of, and which makes your mind wander in the waking hours.

Accept the task of your destiny by writing it down, and pursue it everyday until the abdomen dream is no more.

Spider in Dreams

Dreaming of a spider is an indication that you take time in your work while amassing properties of wealth beyond your wildest imagination. You will always have this hunger to acquire more things; driving you to aim higher. The downside is that you feel trapped and entangle in this web while other aspects of your life outside of work is failing.

Breasts in Dreams

Dreaming of breasts represent the innate motherly nature in you bubbling up to the top of your priorities. Your maternal clock may be hinting at you to start the process of producing a baby.

It is also an aspect of how society view a woman’s body in terms of perfection, too big or too small. Seeing breast in dreams is your desire for contact with a pleasurable form, or perfect breast simply brings a smile to your face. As the association of breastfeeding fulfilling a human hunger is built into the human unconscious through our species’ evolution programming.

Appetite in Dreams

Dreaming of an appetite means there’s an area in your life that is lacking and unfulfilled. This appetite is your desire and passion to feed that hunger. Whether it is relationships or career related, the hunger will keep you thirsting for strong feelings or wealth and power.

It is good to dream about having an appetite, because you want more in life than what is being served up by others.