Lottery Winners in Dreams

Dreaming of lottery winners mean you want to repeat the exact feat of past winners to claim a big lottery jackpot by selecting the winning numbers. You want to envision new found wealth and how you plan to spend it. Should you buy a mansion or buy a luxury yacht to travel the world in open waters?

Lottery winners offer you hope and inspiration that anyone with a dream can win big.

Always pick number seven as that is the powerball number of the biggest winner in lotto history.

Euro Lottery in Dreams

Dreaming of the Euro lottery means you have the winning numbers in your mind and need an event to help trigger your thoughts to recall the numbers vividly. Matching the winning numbers on the day of the drawing will easily earn you millions of euros.

The Euro lottery offers an equal opportunity to all dreamers who dare to take a chance in coming up with the winning numbers and put them on a ticket before balls are drawn randomly.

Antidote in Dreams

Dreaming of antidote means you are currently encountering rough patches in your life and a quick solution is needed. The antidote will help solve your ills and troubles. It can appear as a person who lends you a hand, or it could be a life changing event such as winning the lottery.

Numbers in Dreams

Numbers have a many different meanings in dreams. Some numbers are hard to decipher, where some are simple birthdays and important defining moments of our lives.

When you see the same numbers recurring in your dreams, then you are tasked to find out the correlation behind their meanings. Often these numbers are considered lucky as they came to you by a higher force. It would be worthwhile pick these numbers in the lottery and go for the gold.