Fire in Dreams

Dreaming of fire means there are certain things in your life that you cannot hold on to forever. It will eventually be a distant memory as fire consumes the tangibles and turn it into ash.

Fire in a dream can also be seen as a wake up call to create something of significances. Instead of being passive, your desires to succeed are lit and continues to burn brightly.

Memory in Dreams

No matter what we do in life, the past and memories will continue to shroud our mind and haunt us. The past is not something easy to let go. Dreaming of an erstwhile memory may insinuate that there is something in the past you may feel regretful towards. Although you want to move on, there are still strings attached to you that links you back to the past. During this period, you may have learned an important lesson that has greatly impacted your current life.

Dreaming of a memory may symbolize that you are missing certain things about the past. It could be a deceased loved one, events, places, relationships or people in general. Even though it is quite difficult, try to let go of the past and live life to the fullest as life is fill of surprises. If you continue to live in the days of yore, more emotional pain will continue to surround you.

Alternatively, this may mean that you are ready to let go of the memories and have a new transformation. You don’t want to be hindered and blogged down by the whilom times. This is sort of a renewal period for you.

But whatever you do, you must look forward to the future.

Feet in Dreams

Dreaming of feet mean you are recollecting all the places you have been and created a lasting memory. Feet also represent your own capabilities and strength to carry on when all else have failed. It is important to remember that humans are transient beings that are constantly on the move, whether that it is physically or mentally. Once you stay in once place for too long, then you are already dead.

Birthmark in Dreams

Dreaming of a birthmark means you are forgetting something important, and need a reminder. At work, it may be a misplaced note that eludes you. At a relationship, it may be memory that escapes you.

A birthmark is also a desire to realize a higher status in society than where you currently are at. Put your mind to it, and realize the dream.