Blinds in Dreams

Dreaming of blinds mean there are things in your life that you don’t want anyone to know about. Whatever happens, you want to keep this part of your life private and away from prying eyes. Until you are ready to reveal the mystery, it is okay to keep it to yourself unless it brings on harm to yourself or those indirectly involved.

Detective in Dreams

Often, we tend to perceive a detective as a person who enjoys the thrill of solving mysteries and having a keen eye for details. They often possess great observant skills and are able to make logical connections between things. Dreaming about a detective is symbolic of your eagerness for adventure and excitement. As a person, you tend to have an imaginative mind with the ability to see beneath the superficial surface. You like to seek the truth out before placing judgment on others. To dream about a detective may be indicative of your hidden abilities and ambition.

Envisioning of a detective following you represents your feeling of being watched. You may feel that you have done something wrong. It can be possible that a feeling of guilt is consuming you.