Shooting in Dream

Any dreams involving shootings is a fight or flight trigger. Some can be interpreted as a nightmare where the dreamer is visibly shaken by the shooting dream. It could be a cause for concern if there is some antagonist that is shooting at you or being shot by you. Either way, it is an indication of how your brain wants to envision handling the situation without physical injuries.

Talk about the dream with a confidant, rather than keeping it to yourself.

Killing in Dreams

Killing someone you know in a dream is an act of aggression that you envision, but should NEVER act out. You may have been hurt by these individuals unintentionally or indirectly. No matter how much you hate a person in any kind of conflict, do not act upon dreams of hurting or killing them physically because it is not worth it.

Stop for a moment to think why you are dreaming of harmful dreams, or rather nightmares because a human life cannot be bought for any money or any material in this world; and simply irreplaceable.

Talk to them or ignore them all together and move on with your life. You are wasting energy hating someone, and dreaming of inflicting harm to them that causes you to lose sleep.